The Birth of AAIFPA
Asian American Insurance & Financial Professional Association

California Insurance and Financial Professional Association, CAIFPA, our Founding Mother Organization, has grown from a small local group to a well-known organization nationwide. It’s core value is to serve the Asian American Insurance and Financial Professionals with visions to expand exponentially throughout the States and globally. In December 2007, what was once a vision, now has created AAIFPA, Asian American Insurance and Financial Professional Association.

About Us

AAIFPA, a national non-profit organization, is the first Insurance and Financial Professional membership organization in the Asian Community nationwide. Our goal is to serve Asian American Insurance and Financial Professionals with the most robust resources and skills in the industry. By collaborating and combining experiences and resources with our Local Chapters and Affiliated Organizations, we will grow as an organization transpiring our Members with great levels of professionalism, ethics and expertise to increase and promote public awareness, the importance of a sound and secure future, to their Local Asian Communities.

AAIFPA is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation organized under the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law, within Section 501(c)(6) of the IRS Code.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build and serve Asian American Insurance and Financial Professionals nationwide through a platform that provides skills and knowledge, builds trust and fosters lasting relationships throughout our organization.


Code of Ethics

1. The local members shall observe all the laws and regulations of the United States and his/her state, AAIFPA the internal statutes and the codes of ethics, and all the codes of conduct stipulated in the Code of ethics of his/her other professional organizations.
2. Local members shall treat all other members and non-members equally and with courtesy and respect. 3. Local members' views on different insurance and financial products must be objective and avoid any misleading representations.
4. Local members shall not disclose any confidential information without the special authorization of the information source.
5. Local members should assist in raising public awareness and awareness of the importance of insurance and its effective use in the risk management process.
6. Local members should always maintain the highest integrity and impartiality.
7. Local members shall provide professional services in a fair and reasonable manner and expose any possible conflicts of interest in the course of the provision of professional services. The local members shall not, in any case, conduct any transaction in private.
8. Local members shall continue to maintain and update his/her expertise, skills and competencies and to provide the best possible service to others.


1. 各地方會員應遵守一切美國以及他/她所在州的法律法規,AAIFPA內部章程以及職業道德法規,以及他/她 所屬其他職業組織之職業道德法規所規定的所有行為準則。
2. 各地方會員對所有其他會員與非會員應一視同仁,禮貌尊重相待。
3. 各地方會員對不同保險與金融產品的意見必須客觀,避免任何誤導性表述。
4. 未經資訊來源方的特別授權批准,各地方會員不得透露任何保密資訊。
5. 各地方會員應協助提升公眾對於保險重要性及其在風險管理過程中有效運用的意識與認識。
6. 各地方會員應始終保持最高誠性與公正。
7. 各地方會員應以公平合理的方式提供專業服務,並在提供專業服務的過程中揭露任何可能發生的利益衝突。各地方會員在任何情況下不得私下進行任何交易。
8. 各地方會員應繼續維持並更新他/她的專業知識,技巧與能力,並盡力為他人提供最優質的服務。